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Housing has been hot for over a year! So hot there were people buying houses without seeing them in person. The housing market was so out of control that it started to price out regular buyers. Now the housing market is starting to cool off and heading back towards normal so I want to share […]


We have all went through hard times, but I believe losing a job has to be one of the worst...

When There Is Not Enough


If you are looking at this post to find a quick trick to get a free Disney trip then this is not the blog post for you...

How I Went To Disney For Free


We have all went through hard times, but I believe losing a job has to be one of the worst...

First Generation Students

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Many speak of the racial massacre by white mobs that murdered over 300 black men, women, and...


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If you don’t know what happened on June 19th 1865 let me give you a quick recap. It is the day that the last enslaved black people (250,000) found out that they were free and actually had been free for two years! It occurred in Galveston Texas and that is where Juneteenth was born. That […]

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College graduates are about to see what the real world looks like. A world without dorm rooms, cafeterias, and classrooms. Now you are entering a world where everything is on your shoulders and big decisions must be made. One wrong move could cost you thousands of dollars, maybe millions so to make sure you get on […]

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Did you make financial resolutions for the new year? How are they going? Are you still going strong with them or do you feel like you are starting to fall off? It is normal if you feel like that you are not as committed as you were at the beginning of the year. Many people […]

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Have you ever seen eagles fly in packs? We have seen birds, crows, geese, but never eagles. When you see an eagle fly it is usually alone. Eagles don’t need any other eagle to be with them when they make the decision to fly. When they make the decision to change where they currently are.  […]

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I work with audiences around the world showing them how I paid off $50,000 of debt in two years! From students to employees I help eliminate financial stress through Keynotes, Workshops, Books, and Online Programs.

I have spoken in front of over 100,000 people worldwide and millions more virtually! My goal is to always help those in the audience be in a better position financially after I get off stage!

Business coach for creative Entrepreneurs 

Ja'Net Adams

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