Have you ever seen eagles fly in packs? We have seen birds, crows, geese, but never eagles.

When you see an eagle fly it is usually alone. Eagles don’t need any other eagle to be with them when they make the decision to fly. When they make the decision to change where they currently are. 

Thinking about this type of boldness and courage displayed by eagles on a daily basis it makes me think about me and my finances in 2008 when everything was falling apart. No one else in my life was in $50,000 of debt with no job. No one else was trying to figure out how as a new mother with a 1 year old how they were going to make things happen the next month. 

So, if no one else but me was in that position why would I even consider the opinions or suggestions of others? Why would I wait for someone to come along with me to pay off that $50,000 of debt in two years. Even if I did wait guess what? 

No one was coming.

I was an eagle in 2008 flying alone and making decisions daily by myself. 


Because I knew it was up to me to get myself out of the financial hole I found myself in. 

If you have made the decision to improve your finances then guess what you are?

An eagle.

You have to find the courage to not go after a consensus about how you should move towards financial freedom. Your financial freedom is not up for discussion with people outside of your household. Not family or friends. 

You have to have the courage of an eagle to move in a different direction. A direction that puts you on a path to financial stability. A path towards being debt free and building long lasting wealth. 

All of this will take a certain level of boldness that you may not have had before, but without this boldness you will find yourself continuing to fly within packs never reaching your full financial potential. 

It is your time to soar!

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