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A perfect book for high school and college students! Debt Sucks University walks students through how Ja'Net paid off $50,000 of debt in 2 years! Ja'Net also shows students how to use social media to find future paid internships and careers as well as stand out in the classroom.


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The Money Attractor is all about helping you reach financial freedom. To financially get you closer to your dreams! In the book Ja'Net shows you step by step how she paid off the $50,000 of debt in 2 years. Also how you can pay off debt quickly and begin to build wealth as well as have money to put towards what you want in life.


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In this course you will learn how to make your money go further so that you are able to take more trips. My strategies work whether you are traveling solo or if you are traveling with a family.

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These classes throughout the year will help you win with your finances!

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If your goal is to become financially free then this bundle is for you! In this bundle I show you have to pay off debt quickly and save money for any financial goals that you may have.

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The VIP Day is for individuals who are looking to learn how to become a highly paid speaker. Ja'Net will walk you through how to go from getting paid hundreds to getting paid thousands of dollars to speak.

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This bundle is all about you helping you become a highly paid speaker. I'm talking about getting paid thousands of dollars to speak.

Ashley Cobb

"I was able to take the information as well as the money tips you shared around Public Sector Student Loan Forgiveness and

eliminate $120,000 of my student loan debt!

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Jarvis Christian College

Carla Mott 

They told their parents what they learned. Thank you!"

You really inspired them!

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International Financial Literacy Speaker and Author