We have all went through hard times, but I believe losing a job has to be one of the worst. Not having a steady income for a couple of months can really put someone in a bind. I remember the day that I was laid off and 60% of our income vanished. Immediate panic started to set in because we needed most of my now gone paycheck to pay our bills.

Being without a job can be scary, but there are some steps that can be taken in order to ease the financial strain that having no employment brings.

1. Look At All Options

When I was laid off it was the first time in my life and I thought I would be without money until I landed another job. Then my mom informed me about unemployment checks that I could apply for. I was young at the time and did not know that it existed, but as soon as I found out I immediately applied for it. The state at the time was paying well for unemployment and it helped us stay afloat the four months I was laid off.

If you ever lose your job or have lost your job lately please make sure to go and apply for unemployment.

2. Don’t Be Ashamed

You are not the first one to be without a job and you will not be the last one. So many us make the job we have our whole being. The problem with that is when we lose that job we feel lost, like we were not ourselves before that job.

Being ashamed could actually delay money coming to your bank account. I have ran into people over the years that will not go and apply for unemployment because they are ashamed for being laid off. There is no shame in making sure you have the money to take care of your necessities.

Also let people around you know that you are looking for a new job. Let family and friends know your skills and abilities so when a position opens up at their company you will be the first to know.

3. Look Around You

See what savings there are around you. I know that it is hard to concentrate or be motivated when you are unemployed. Some days are good and some not so much. Although every day may not be the best day you still have to find ways to ease any financial stress that may be headed your way because of the loss income.

Look at your monthly spending plan and see where you can save money. Can you minimize your driving to save money on gas? Look at your grocery list and see where you can use coupons in order to save on items. Everyone in the household also needs to pitch in to save on utilities. Shorter showers, cut the lights off when they are not needed, and adjust the thermostat.

$20 here, $100 there can go a long way in between jobs so look everywhere for savings.

Bonus Tip

If your unemployment runs out before you find another full time job then go for a part time job. This will make sure at least some money is coming in. A site that I recommend is Rat Race Rebellion that sends part time jobs on a daily basis. Stick to the companies that you know and also apply quickly because the site has a few hundred thousand members.

Being unemployed is not easy, but find comfort in knowing that it is not permanent.

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