Did you make financial resolutions for the new year?

How are they going?

Are you still going strong with them or do you feel like you are starting to fall off?

It is normal if you feel like that you are not as committed as you were at the beginning of the year. Many people fall into the same trap every year. Not just with their money goals, but with any new year resolutions.

When you made the resolutions you were more than likely on vacation from your job with nothing to do, but think about your future. Now you are back to work and life is going again so it makes it easier to fall back into old habits.

Old habits like eating out instead of saving money and eating at home. Buying an outfit for that event instead of wearing an outfit that is already in your closet. 

If this sounds like you it is time to get back on track. The good news is that it is early enough in the year for you to get back on track. 

First, if you have not written down your goals you need to get out a piece of paper and pencil to write them down today! Writing goals down gives you a higher chance of you accomplishing them. After you write them down start planning out the steps you need to take to make those goals a reality.

Once you figure out the steps give those steps dates when they are to be completed.

Example: I will save $400.

Change it to I will save $400 by March 28th by saving $60 a week. I will find those savings by cutting back on eating out and buying alcohol. 

Do you see how much more specific that is? 

Now take the time to get back on track and I look forward to hearing what financial goals your reach this year!

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