That is when the credit score came into existence. When I first saw the year I thought to myself what in the entire world! The three numbers that people in the United States talk about on a daily basis only started in 1989.

The three numbers that has made people question their ability to handle money was created after I was born! 

You may be thinking “so what Ja’Net? Why are you so disturbed by this?”

I’m not disturbed by this. I am angry about it because every single day I see people pushing credit repair, how to build your credit, how to get business credit, how to get anything on credit, anything with credit because it is a buzz word!

Want to know what they are not pushing?

How people can get more money. How people can build wealth. All they talk about is how you can put yourself in position to owe people money. 

How did this even become to be?!!!!

I will leave that alone and instead go straight to my epiphany. After I realized that 1989 when the credit score was after I was born I started to think and ask the following question.

How in the world did my parents get a mortgage?

The bank definitely didn’t have a credit score to go off of.  So I decided to ask my mother how was business done during that time.

If you are still not convinced that there was life before credit scores then just think about how your parents, grandparents, great grandparents were able to get their homes. Their cars. Their businesses. Anything that took money from a bank, how was it done?

My grandfather and grandmother along with their neighbors came together and built their home to put all nine of their kids in. If you think my grandparents had access to anything you are sadly mistaken. They just made it happen with the money they had. 

That could be the reason why credit has become so popular, because we don’t have the patience of our grandparents. The patience to wait until the time is right. To wait until we have the money.  

I know that life is a lot more expensive than it was during our grandparent’s time, but I also know we make a WHOLE LOT MORE MONEY than they did!


What we have less than our grandparents is patience. Our lack of patience has a lot to do with our society of never enough. Enough is never enough and impressing others is the name of the game. 

This is how credit scores have been able to keep us in a chokehold. 


What if we change our mindset? Change the way we think about what financial success looks like? A mindset where we no longer think a high credit score means you are great with money, but instead we strive to bring money in and build wealth.

The only way that you can have a high credit score is to go into debt and pay it back. Have ever thought how much harder that makes it for you have money for yourself? 

I think about it all the time and so I suggest the next time you want to buy something on credit instead try taking that amount once saved and putting it into your savings account or into your retirements savings.

Going forward lets stop caring about those three numbers and start working towards seven numbers as in seven figures.

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