Right now everything around us is expensive. Food is expensive. Gas is super expensive. Now with winter approaching it looks like energy prices may follow in that same pattern. Receiving a high water, electric, or gas bill can put someone’s bank account into dangerous territory. I want to share steps you can take now to make sure you don’t get hit with sticker shock this upcoming winter.

Start Saving Money Now:

Whenever the seasons change it is your opportunity to save money on your energy bill. During this time it may be cold in the morning, but warm up throughout the day. In order to save money if you turn on your heat right now make sure to set it on a lower number like 70 degrees. This will keep you warm at night and during the day when the temperature rises your unit will not run and therefore saving you money. This technique can also be used when winter changes to spring.

Everyone Must Pitch In:

In order to really save money on energy costs everyone in the household must be on the same page. Everyone must be committed to turning lights off when leaving a room. To make sure that there are no faucets left running. That no one touches the thermostat pushing the temperature up and down. Even if you are a one person household you can do all of the above and take it a step further. For example when washing clothes make sure you are washing in cold water and only turning on the washing machine after 7pm. This will save you money on your water and energy bill.

Long-term savings:

These saving tips are not just for this year, but can be used year after year. It may be hard to stick with some of the strategies this year because it is new to you, but as each year goes by it will become easier. Once you see the money that is saved, not only will you stick to these saving tips, but you will also seek out other ways to save money on your energy bills!

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