Every time you think we are done talking about student loan forgiveness another news alert comes out from the Department of Education. Many student loan borrowers are waiting on congress to send a bill to the President that will forgive $10,000 for every federal student loan borrower, but in the meantime there are others that can get student loan relief. I want to share the two newest groups that need to know about their path to student loan forgiveness.

Were You Defrauded?:

The first group of student loan borrowers that are being granted student loan forgiveness are those who went to scam For-profit colleges. Specifically those colleges that closed their doors with no warning a few years ago. They left students with student loans and no degree. Also included in this are students who went to DeVry who attended between 2008-2015. DeVry promised 90% of their graduates found employment and because of that lie all these students are now eligible for student loan forgiveness. This all will cover 16,000 borrowers and $415 million dollars.

Are You Disabled?:

The next group that has identified for student loan forgiveness are those with total and permanent disability. The department of education partnered with the social security administration to identify the 400,000 borrowers. Once identified $7.8 billion dollars in student loan forgiveness was granted! If you are someone who fits this category and you have federal student loans it is very important to fill out the paperwork at https://disabilitydischarge.com/

Don’t Miss Out:

The newest group that has a chance at student loan forgiveness are those who have federal student loans and work in the public service sector. The issue with this group is that many people who qualify for this forgiveness don’t even know about it. And if they don’t apply before October 31st 2022 they will miss out. Over the next few months I am going to be speaking to employees at colleges, hospitals, and other non-profit organizations showing them how to qualify for student loan forgiveness. If your employer has not shared this opportunity with you then make sure you bring it up immediately!

The $10,000 student loan forgiveness may be on hold, but there are hundreds of thousands that are still receiving student loan forgiveness.

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