School is back in session and students as well as their parents are hoping for a school year that is normal and boring. From k-12 to colleges around the country students are filling the classrooms ready to work and although students are focused on their assignments their parents have a different focus.

Safety First:

Parents and guardians are spending more money this year to make sure their students are safe. K-12 not only has to buy tissues this year but also hand sanitizers, clorox wipes and masks to last throughout the year. Those with college students had to prepare dorm rooms with extra snacks because their student would be spending more time in their rooms because of campus safety protocols. Overall parents had to come out of pocket with more money this year.

Extra Resources:

There are extra resources available to help this school year go a little easier. For some K-12 schools there will be free lunch provided for every student. There is also the pandemic EBT funds that will continue for a lot of parents to help with groceries. For college students there are some colleges that still have stimulus funds to help with tuition gaps, books, and any other needs. Make sure to know all of the resources available to you.

Nothing Lasts Forever:

Everything that I just mentioned has an expiration date. I am sure that this will be the last year for these extra resources. Knowing that now as a parent or guardian if you have needed these resources for the past year then it is time to start figuring out a replacement. For example if your college student needed an emergency grant from the college to stay in school last year your student needs to be looking for scholarships to help close the gaps going forward. My advice is not to depend on any of this extra help after this school year.

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