We keep hearing the word inflation being thrown around by the Federal Reserve, Congress, and the White House, but what does it really mean to the average American? How does it affect our wallets? Inflation is basically the rising of prices and I want to share three ways that it is happening in the average American’s life and how you can avoid it.

What Are We Eating:

Food prices are definitely on the rise! I went grocery shopping for the first time in a while and realized how much higher some items were. Bacon is $5 a lb when it used to be $2.99. Chicken breasts are $4.99 a lb when the cost used to be $1.99. It has become ridiculous on some items. In order to avoid these higher prices adjust your meal planning. That day in the grocery store instead of having chicken breasts for dinner I bought the less expensive hamburger meat and we had spaghetti. I went from a more expensive one night meal to a less expensive two night meal!

Gas Keeps Going Up:

Right now gas prices are up all over the country. It is making it more expensive for long drives and even going back and forth to work each day. It may take some time for gas prices to decrease so in order to save money right now there is an app you can use. The app “Gas Buddy” will show you where the least expensive gas is in your city. When you find the gas station with the lowest price make sure you fill up the next time you are near that pump.

Travel Is Hot:

Everyone in the world is trying to escape through travel. Airports are packed and Ubers are running non-stop. The only problem with all of this is that it is causing the price of travel to skyrocket. Flights are expensive, hotel prices are up, and Uber rides are pricing out the average rider in bigger cities. If you want to save on travel and avoid these prices I suggest you wait until the Fall to travel or wait until next year. By then kids will be back in school, workers will be back in the office with no more vacation time and you will be able to score some travel deals. For example I am waiting to go to Barcelona in the Fall after school starts and my flight was $500.

Other ways to stay in the know when it comes to your finances!

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