I am all about the market working the way it is supposed to. Supply outpaces demand and the price goes down. Vice versa when demand outpaces supply then the prices go up. That is what has been happening for a while now, but now it seems to be more than the usual market moves. It is starting to look like greed on the part of many companies and industries all in the name of inflation. I want to share how everyone can fight back against bad actors and save money.

Don’t Just Sit There And Take It:

You don’t have to just buy what is in front of you. Take your time and look for the least expensive option. This takes time, but it could save you hundreds of dollars a month. Look for the grocery store that gives you the least overall bill. Find the gas station with the lowest price.

When monthly services like streaming services raise their prices for absolutely no reason then cancel them. 200,000 people cancelled on Netflix and now Netflix is looking for less expensive options to keep people on the service. All I am saying is that we are not helpless and don’t have to accept any price that is put in front of us.

Be A Tattletale:

There are some companies hiding behind the “inflation” hype and raising prices just for the heck of it. Especially gas stations. At first they could blame it on the Ukraine/ Russia conflict, but gas eventually went down for about a week then shot back up with no reason at all. Right now there is a gas station near me that has gas for $4.24 and right around the corner another gas station is $3.98. There is no reason for a $.25 difference! So what can you do if you are experiencing the same situation? Report the gas station and any other business you feel that is taking advantage of the current economic situation. That is where the next tip comes in.

Make Some Noise:

Most companies are just betting that the American people will just take anything they put in front of us. That we will just say “well I guess that is just the way it is.” What they don’t seem to realize is that it is an election year. During election year officials on the local, state, and federal level tend to lend their ear to their constituents. Now is the time to be emailing them, calling them as well as their staff, and showing up to campaign stops. If you are upset about food prices, tell them! If the price of gas is causing financial stress to you then tell them! Make sure to tell them more than once too because they only move when a certain issue is put in their face over and over. If you are financially uncomfortable it is time to make them politically uncomfortable. It is their job to fight for you, make sure they are doing it!

These prices are getting out of control to the point that it is starting to smell like greed. From airline tickets, to gas, to food, to clothes, to everything, and it is time that every person affected starts to stand up for their money!

Watch me discuss ways to save on gas on WFMY News 2 below…..

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