School is almost out and now is the time to get children ready for the summer. To see what activities they are going to do and how much those activities are going to cost. I want to share what parents and guardians should be thinking about to make sure the summer goes well for the children and for themselves!

Keep It Simple:

As parents we tend to go into overload during the summer. We looked at what the child can be doing in the day time every day and in the evenings maybe three times a week. We forget that this same child has been sitting in a classroom from 8-3 pm for the last eight months and may not want every minute of their day to be consumed by some summer camp or sports training. If you are not careful you could end up wasting a lot of money and have an exhausted child going into a new school year.

Ask Their Opinion:

To avoid wasting money and time, ask your child what they want to do for the summer. You may want them to go to gymnastics training all summer, but they want to do ballet. If you don’t ask them then you end up wasting money. Asking for their input is not always about saving money. Sometimes it is about making sure they have a happy summer. I thought my child should go to the free Spanish immersion summer program at her school last year. She looked at me with a confused frown on her face and said I don’t want to go to school all summer so she went to tennis camp instead.

Leave Room For Adjustments:

There is no way to be sure how your summer will exactly go so you need to be flexible so that you can make adjustments when necessary. For example a summer camp may not last all the way up until school starts back up so you need to be prepared to find an alternative for that child during that time gap. Leave room for vacation too. Neither you or your child wants to go straight from summer activities right into another school year. Make sure to keep your summer schedule open to go on vacation. The vacation spot could be a plane ride away or could just be a staycation where you stay at a hotel nearby.

The summer is here and it is important to make sure your children are not bored, but that doesn’t mean that you have to fill every minute of their summer!

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