About ten years ago I was working in corporate America in what many would consider a dream job. Great pay, health insurance, company car, and free gas. When I started in the industry I thought “man, I have hit the lottery! I am going to do this until I retire!” One day I started to reflect on the life I had lived for ten years and came to a realization.

I was not happy doing what I was doing anymore. I did not look forward to Monday and I did not look forward to waking up each day to go to my job. I eventually sat down and took some time to think. To think about what exactly was going on with me and why I could not shake this feeling of uneasiness.

This feeling did not come on all of a sudden, but had been growing for about two years. Want to know what had happened two years earlier? I had been laid off from a company I worked day and night for eight years!

I had stayed up nights working on strategy plans, woke up early mornings to drive to appointments. I did all this for a company that at a drop of a hat laid me off. As bad as them letting me go was, it was nothing compared to the discovery of the $50,000 of debt that I was in.

The two years I took to pay that $50K off made me see what was important in life. It was no longer important to me to make sure that my company was proud of me because I exceeded my sales quota. It was no longer important to me to have the prestige of my job title. I found out quickly that it could be taken away from me in a second.

Up until the time I was laid off what did I have to show for all of it? That is what I was thinking ten years ago as I sat on my couch. I asked myself “Ja’Net, what are you doing with this one life you have?”

The answer was “not enough!” I was not living the life I wanted to live. From that day forward I started doing what I needed to do in order to live the one life I was meant to live. In my finances I started cutting back and saving more. I started aggressively paying off my debt. Most important I started taking the steps to become a full time speaker.

I started visualizing what I wanted my “one life” to look like.

Having the vision and executing on that vision is why I am at where I am today.

Why I get to travel the world helping others.

Why I am able to use my business to give my children the life I dream for them.

Why I am taking my mother to France in a couple of months.

It is because one day I said to myself “Ja’Net, you have one life! Time to start living it!”

Understand to get to where I am at today it took getting my finances in order. Without that this life I am living today would not be possible. If you are looking to live the “One Life” mentality then I have one suggestion for you.

Get to the point that you are paying yourself more than you are paying other people. That means you need to only pay people that provide your necessities (water, food, housing, lights) and the rest of the money you earn needs to go to creating your “One Life!”

It is up to you. What are you going to do now?

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