by Ja’Net Adams

Prices for various grades of gas are posted on the digital readouts of a pump at a service station Wednesday, March 9, 2022, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Not Again!

Gas prices are high again, but not for the reason that you may think. This time it has more to do with greed on an international level than some global crisis like last year. I want to share what happened and how we can combat the new prices.

One Group Changed Everything:

The gas prices have been declining for months and even locally some gas stations had prices under $3. Consumers were saving money, but while we were saving money there were certain people on the other side of the world losing money. OPEC is a group made up of oil producing countries. They have been losing money for months so they decided to cut production of 2 million barrels a day. That one decision made our gas rise $.40 in one day!

Time To Fight Back:

Opec wants to cut the supply of oil then we will work on controlling our demand for that oil. Whenever demand goes down for a product the supply goes up which eventually leads to lower prices. It is up to us to decrease our driving and the amount of money we spend at the pump. Make sure to plan out your driving during the week and if you can stay home on the weekends then do that as well. Another option is to carpool. Anything to make the demand for oil go down.

This Is The Time To Be United:

This is the time for the United States to be the UNITED States. The rise in gas prices has nothing to do with any political party here. It is about countries that are in OPEC like Saudi Arabia which is the largest member. We have to stick together and support the plans that our government has to combat the action by OPEC. There is a group of bipartisan members in congress that have introduced a bill that will bring action towards OPEC countries for manipulating oil prices and we must let them know they have our support. Last, but not least if you feel a gas station is price gouging make sure to report them to the State Attorney General’s office.

We don’t have to just sit back and take this we as a country and world can fight back!

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