Sunday is always a day of rest.  The day before we get ready to go to work for another week. Sunday is also the day that we get our money ready for the week. Sunday is the day we prepare our money so it does not leave us for something stupid.  What parts of your money life should you be considering on Sunday?

How much of your money will you eat

Most of our money that we spend each week is to buy food that goes into our mouth.  We have to eat so of course we will always spend money on food, but how we spend it is what needs to be looked at on Sunday.

Think about whether you are going to buy groceries this week and cook or are you going to eat out everyday.  Taking the time to cook at home will save you money and make your food last you longer.  Eating out means that you get one meal for a higher price than just cooking a meal at home that can give you leftovers for a couple of days.

Make progress on a goal

What has been on your to do list for weeks? For months? Why haven’t you taken steps to complete your goals?  I know. I know. There is not enough time in the day or in the week.  In the last fifty two weeks! The problem is that many of the goals that you have are significant and you have them because you are trying to improve a part of your life.

Since Sundays are usually quiet then why not sit down, look at that to do list, and come up with one action step you can do this week to move that goal forward.  When you do this you will feel that accomplishment deep down inside and that feeling will encourage you to take another step.  You will have momentum.

Decide on a bill

What are your bills? What bills consistently remove money from your bank account each month? All you have to do in this simple step is find a bill and figure out a way to make it cost you less each month. Once that bill has been handled decide on what you are going to do with that extra money.

I suggest saving it. 😉


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