As the days grow warmer we get the feeling to spring clean. Spring cleaning gives you a feeling of accomplishment because you are removing items in your home that is no longer needed for the season you are in. Have you ever thought about applying spring cleaning to your finances?

Spring cleaning your finances is something you should do each year. It is a sort of reboot for your money! This allows you to take a fresh look at what you have been doing with your money over the last year and see what changes need to be made. No matter how great you think you are with money there is always room for improvement. Here are a couple of areas within your personal finances that you can look at right away and make a positive change.

Everyday Bills:

Look through all of your monthly bills and see if everything you are paying for still serves you. What I mean by this is does that monthly subscription service you signed up for last year still relevant. Do you even still use it? If not it is time to unsubscribe and save that money each month. Look at your utilities over the last year. Were there months where you spent more money than other months? That means that over the next year you need to be aware of high usage months so that you can lower that usage and save some money.


Everyone needs insurance, but there are times where you can re-evaluate what plans you have and see if they need some adjusting. Any insurance that you pay for needs to be looked at. Car, health, life, renters, even insurance through your job. Many of us have extra coverage that is not needed and it is costing us hundreds of dollars a year. Hundreds of dollars that could be used for something else. When we were paying off the $50,000 of debt I re-evaluated our car/home insurance and ended up saving $200 a month. We took that extra $200 and paid it towards the debt.

Don’t Forget Fun:

Spring cleaning your finances can lead to major fun! I am sure you are thinking “Ja’Net you must be crazy!”, but I’m serious. When you are spring cleaning your finances you are bound to find hundreds of dollars in saving if you look at your complete financial picture. All of that money once your debt is paid off can be used towards having fun. It could be used on a new hobby. It could be used for a vacation each quarter. It can be used for any experience that makes you smile.

Don’t let this Spring pass you by without a deep clean of your finances! You will thank yourself by time Summer rolls around!

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