People who know me know that I don’t like waiting. I have been impatient since I was a child. In fact I used to get marks against my work in elementary school because I would go too fast. I live my life just as fast today and when I make a decision I am going to do whatever I can to make things happen!

Right now I am in Paris at the beginning of my two month vacation, but that is not what this blog post is about. That post is coming with many more pictures and videos! LOL!

This post is about not waiting for tomorrow. In about a month people are going to start the “Next year I am going to…” statements and promises. When I hear these statements my eyes start to roll because why wait until a new year to do anything that you want to do.

Especially if what you want to do is going to improve your life for the better. Is going to make you happier. Bring you peace, joy, and satisfaction.

For example you want to start your business in the new year and you are going to wait until January 1st to really get serious. Why? Start today! Fill out your paperwork and pay for your LLC!

In the new year you are going to start saving money for your dream trip. A great idea would be to start researching that dream vacation now so that you can plan when you are going. Also find some money over the next thirty days to add to that trip!

The longer you wait, the longer it takes for you to get to the end goal!

Like I said I don’t like to wait! In fact for the past three weeks I have been taking action steps to grow my business to another level both online and off.

Even before that I have been building my speaking tour for next year and I already have $32,000 in speaking engagements and pretty much booked up until summer. Success waits on no one!

The life that you want to have is there for the taking and you don’t have to wait until tomorrow. Start TODAY! START NOW!

If you have been saying tomorrow I will…….

1. Start my business

2. Get out of debt and save money


3. Become a full time speaker

Then I want to help you to get started today! I told you I don’t like to wait, so this Monday I started my “Black Out Week Sale” for my online community. I thought to myself why WAIT until Black Friday? Give people all week to get what they need.

So what is available?

Starting A Business:

1. Life And Business Bundle

2. Vlogging To Increase Your Bottom Line

3. How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Selling Your Book

Get Out Of Debt And Save Money:

1. Get Your Money Right Bundle

2. The Money Attractor Yearly Membership

3. 8 Survey Sites That Pay You Money

Become A Full Time Speaker:

1. How To Become A Highly Paid Speaker

2. A Speaker’s BluePrint

3. How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Selling Your Book (More money to your bottom line as a speaker)

There are also options to work with me one on one so that you can get personalized attention. My coaching sessions will get you to your goals even faster!

If you want to know if working one on one with me is the right move for you we can set up a call. Email me at and we can determine your goals and see if we are a right fit to work together. Remember that my coaching sessions are intense and only for those that are ready to do the work and see results!

There is no need to wait until January 1st to start taking action towards the future you want. You can really start today.

Now it is time for me to get back to work on my action plan!


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