It is that time of the year again. Where everyone and everything tries to empty your bank account. Christmas easily wins as the time that people want the most from you. But, what if you are trying to find your way to financial freedom? Then this time of the year can be hard, but I want to give you a few tips to get through it so that you can save some money!

Gifts For Family:

People who know me know that I don’t buy gifts for adults. This started when I found out I was in $50,000 of debt. Why in the world would I buy an adult a gift for any occasion when I have to make sure my family gets out of the hole we were in. Now that I am debt free the only time family can get me to buy a gift is when we pick names.

That is my tip to you. Instead of feeling pressured to buy family members’ gifts suggest that everyone pick a name from a hat and get one gift for the person you picked. This will help you save money because instead of having to buy multiple gifts you only have to buy one!

Gifts For Friends:

Your true friends are not friends with you because of what you can buy them. They are your friend because they like being around you. So with your friends give them the gift of time together. Schedule a get together at your home where everyone brings food to share. Creating memories with friends beats a gift any day.

Gifts For You:

This is not where I am going to say “treat yourself!” I want you to do something even better. Create a better life for your future self. Before the new year comes in make sure you are saving for your future. Is your 401K set up. Have you sat down with a financial advisor to start investing for your future?

Focus on this type of gift that will keep on giving.

Christmas is not about spending all of your money. This year make it a point to be different!

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