I am going to be part of a Wellness Panel with Novant Health this week and it got me thinking about health and how it relates to money. A couple in retirement will end up spending $285,000 on healthcare alone (Link). Women will spend $150,000 while men will spend $135,000. Looking at these numbers it is easy to see that health is wealth and I want to share a few tips on how to win at both!


You don’t have to run a marathon everyday or lift weights. You could get started by just moving 30 minutes a day. The thirty minutes could be walking around a track or just in front of your tv during every commercial break. If exercising in the past has been a struggle for you then ask a friend to join you in person or virtually.

Other options:

-Join an outdoor fitness group

-Park your car further down in the parking lot so that you have a longer distance to walk

-Every time you have a negative thought you do ten push-ups

-Create an exercise challenge that you and your friends participate in


Eating right is the hardest thing for me to do when it comes to my health and I know I am not alone. In order to fix this I started adding different vegetables to my dinner routine. Soon I was fixing side dishes that had every bright color vegetable I could find in the produce aisle. Now both my kids and I are eating more vegetables on a daily basis. 

Challenge yourself when it comes to food. Eating more vegetables is one option, but you can do other things as well. You can eat meats that are more lean and have less fat. You can also have orange juice instead of soda. You still get a sweet taste without all the sugar and calories.


Even with exercising and eating healthier you still need to put your money to work on the protection side. Investing in health insurance as well as other insurances surrounding your health like disability and term-life could make a difference between a small bill and bankruptcy. Make sure to reach out to an insurance professional or non-profit to help you find the right fit.

Health is definitely wealth and what you do today could determine how much money you save in the future!

Other ways to stay in the know when it comes to your finances! Tools For Your Money: The Money Attractor Academy Instagram: @JaNetAdamsSpeak Facebook: Ja’Net “Dream Girl” Adams Blog: www.TheMoneyAttractorBlog.com


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