Now that most of the school systems have decided on a temporary virtual option, parents are trying to figure out what to do now. When it comes to going back to school for their children, many traditions like back to school shopping, open house, and the excitement of class schedules are going to be different. This is a great time to save, save, and save. I want to share with the audience what that looks like financially to get their student ready for the first day of school.

Don’t Go All Out: 

The students as of right now for nine weeks more or less are not going to be going to school face-to-face. So that means that for the first time in a long time parents don’t have to spend a bunch of money on new clothes. Your child can wear the same clothes they wore last year and be just fine, as long as they fit. Another thing, is that they don’t need to buy new shoes because students will not see their new shoes in a virtual session with their teacher. For right now your money can stay in your pockets!

Save Money For The Future:

Children are going to go back to school eventually and when they go back then your money is going to need to be spent in a different way. The student is going to need more pencils, notebooks, hand sanitizer, tissues, and other items that they will need to practice safety habits. So, with the money being saved at the beginning of school can now be used for the student as they head back to in person instruction. 

Claim Your Sanity: 

Whether you have one child or multiple kids it is time to really look at how to equip your home for you and your children to be sane before they have to go back to school. In order to do that, designate an actual spot in your home where your child can sit each and every day to do their work. A quiet spot where they can hear the teacher and the teacher can hear them. If you have multiple kids maybe those areas need to be in two different places away from each other because this is really all about the sanity of the entire household.

There are a lot of new things we’re going through this year as parents. During this time of virtual learning you should be able to save some money and stop spending money on non essential things. Saving money for at least a few months is better than saving no money. Remember we are all in this together.

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