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What Do I Do Now?

Thousands of high school and college students have graduated over the last few weekends including some locally this past weekend. They are all off to new adventures whether that adventure is off to college or off to their first job. Whatever the adventure is, many graduates are feeling lost about how to take on this new world and I want to share what they need to be doing over the summer to get ahead.

Get To Work:

This tip is for the high school graduates and whether you are going to college or not it is time for you to get a job. You may have been living on someone else’s dime for the last eighteen years, but now it is time to make your own money. The money that you make from this job should be saved for future expenses such as college books, tuition, or an apartment if you are planning to move out on your own. The biggest mistake you can make is working twenty to forty hours a week this summer and only having a few hundred dollars to show for it because you spent it all.

Stay In Control:

This tip is for my college graduates. If you were blessed enough to walk across the graduation stage straight into a career make sure you don’t blow the opportunity. I understand this new job is paying you more money than you have ever seen, but that does not mean you financially lose your mind. Many college graduates make the mistake of renting a two bedroom apartment or buying a new car not understanding what their true take home pay will be or that their student loan bill will be coming to them in six months. College graduates take everything slow and be responsible with your new income.

Student loan debt continues to be an issue for many college graduates and paying it off can seem like an eternity. Believe it or not there are companies around the country that offer student loan repayment programs for their employees. Each company offers different amounts. If you are needing help with paying back your student loans you may want to consider one of these companies.

There is a website that helps you find those companies called One Savvy Dollar. One Savvy Dollar has done all the legwork to research which companies have student loan repayment programs so all you have to do is apply to those companies and go from there. It is not a free site, but it is worth it if you land a job that pays $7000 to your student loans. You can find everything here:

Give Back:

You did not get where you are by yourself. There was someone that helped guide you. It is now up to you to find someone younger and help them as well. If you have been a mentee before it is now time for you to be a mentor. Show that junior in high school how to search for scholarships. New college graduates reach out to a sophomore in college and help them with their resume so that they can land an internship. Each one reach one!

Whether you are a high school or college graduate your financial future is up to you. Make sure to head in the right direction.

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