This is the time of the year that everyone is full of energy. We are ready to take on the world, but are we ready to take on our finances? This is the perfect time to take inventory of your finances so that you are able to be in a better place financially by this time next year.

Where Are You?

This is where the inventory starts. The main reason people are not able to reach financial freedom is because they don’t know where to start. In order to know where to start you have to look at your numbers. Look at how much debt you have. Look at how much you have in your savings account. It is only when you know these numbers are you able to attack your financial goals. Without these numbers you will continue to run in circles year after year. You will continue to not see progress and stay frustrated.

Where Do You Want To Be?

You have to know where you want to be financially and not in a vague way. You can’t say that you want to be rich because that will get you nowhere. You have to be more specific. Specific with what the goal is and the timeframe you want to achieve it. For example you want to max out your savings or 401k this year and you will focus on that for the next twelve months. It takes $6000 to max out your 401K so you have to decide to save $500 a month to make that goal. This is more specific than saying “I want to be rich.”

How Will You Get There?

Once you make your financial goals specific then it is time to figure out how you are going to make it happen. I can say I’m going to save $1000 in six months, but if my check only covers my bills then that $1000 is never going to happen. I have to come up with a plan. So if I don’t have the money to put toward the $1000 goal then I need to make a plan to bring in extra money. Will I sell things or get a part time job? You need to figure out how you will get to any financial goal you have.

This is the time of the year to really get a head start on your finances. Don’t wait two months because you will be playing catch up.

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