Well, it is actually been here, but now it is being accelerated! There are groups who

have seen student loan forgiveness promises broken over and over again, but now

those promises are starting to become reality.

I will talk about who those groups are in a minute, but first I want to talk about financial

freedom and how student loans no longer being in your life can get you a lot closer to


Everyone knows that I paid off $50,000 of debt in 2 years, but many don’t know that

$25,000 of that $50K was student loans. So I know how student loans can be a

burden. Student loans is one debt that is hard to get rid of legally. You can’t file

bankruptcy to eliminate it and you used to have to be on your back permanently not

able to move in order for a court to discharge it.

So people for decades would just try to pay it off or just be delinquent on their loans

and take the financial hit. The financial hit could be wage garnishment, seizure of tax

refunds, or both. Being stuck in student loan debt can keep you away from a lot of

financial goals in life.

People who want to buy their first house can have trouble because their student loans

make their debt to income ratio too high. Or they have missed a few payments on their

student loans and their credit score has taken a hit. Student loans can keep someone

who wants to be a homeowner a renter for years maybe for life.

Someone’s financial goal may be to walk away from a job that they are unhappy with

and start a business. Entrepreneurship takes money and it is hard to have money to

start a business when you are sending money to a student loan company each month.

If people didn’t have that student loan payment whether that payment is $100 or $500

they would be able to invest in that business idea. Most businesses only take $500 or

less to start so that student loan payment is really a hindrance to someone’s dream to

work for themselves.

There are so many financial and life goals that student loans keep you from, but for

millions of Americans that is about to no longer be the case! Millions of Americans are

now or soon will be eligible for student loan forgiveness!

The groups that are eligible for student loans right now are those in the public sector

(teachers, higher education, nurses, non-profits, social workers, government workers,

military, etc), those who went to defunct for profit colleges, permanent and total

disabled, Income Based Repayment, and soon hopefully anyone with federal student


$30 BILLION dollars has already been forgiven and billions more are on the way!

Although this is great news there is also bad news. Many people don’t know that they

qualify for student loan forgiveness and they could possibly miss out on the short

window to apply for forgiveness.

That is why I decided to do a 3 Day Student Loan Forgiveness Masterclass! I want to

make sure if you fit into one of these groups that you know everything you need to

know to get closer to student loan forgiveness.

Here is how the Masterclasses are broken down and what you will learn:

Night #1 PSLF Public Service Loan Forgiveness

If you work in public service (Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers, Government Workers,

Military Personnel, Higher Education, Non-Profit, etc) then you could qualify for PSLF.

And if you do qualify you only have until October 31st, 2022 to take advantage of the

special exemptions that the Department of Education has in place.

This Masterclass is specifically designed for you to learn:

1. Differences between the Original PSLF vs. the Limited Opportunity PSLF

2.How if you were denied PSLF before how you could now be eligible and what you

need to do

3. The process to apply for PSLF and what to expect

4. Who qualifies for PSLF now and who will qualify for it after October 31st, 2022

5. What to do if you have private student loans or if you have not reached 10 years with


6. Political shifts that could affect PSLF and student loans in general

7. Different money strategies if you have debt other than student loans or if you decide

to leave the public sector

8. What could possibly happen when repayment starts August 31st 2022

Night #2 For Profit Colleges, Total and Permanent Disability Student Loan

Forgiveness, Income Based Repayment

Night #2 is for three different groups! If you went to a for profit college that closed

down on you then you may be eligible for student loan forgiveness. The same is true if

you have been classified as Total and Permanent Disabled. The last group that will be

discussed on this night will be those that are in the Income Based Repayment


This Masterclass is designed for you to learn:

1. The program that the department of education has in place for those that went to

now closed For Profit Colleges

2. Qualifications and walkthrough process for each of the three groups so that you

understand what you need to do to potentially get your student loans forgiven or


3. Student loan company changes that may affect who you make payments to in the

future if you have other student loans that don’t qualify

4. Political shifts that could affect student loan forgiveness and student loans in general

5. What to do if you have private student loans and different money strategies to pay

them back as well as any other debt that you may have

Night #3 Everyone Else ($10,000 Student Loan Forgiveness)

You may have federal student loans, but you don’t qualify for any of the other student

loan forgiveness programs. During night #3 I will share with you the possibility of the

Department of Education forgiving $10,000 of student loan debt per borrower.

This Masterclass is designed for you to learn:

1. What exactly is the $10,000 student loan forgiveness program through the

department of education about

2. If and when the announcement is made what are the qualifications for someone to

get the $10K student loan forgiveness

3. Political shifts that could affect student loan forgiveness and student loans in general

($10K vs $50K, Political Proposals moving through congress, etc)

4. Potential November election scenarios that could affect your student loans and

personal economy

5. Money strategies to help you with debt other than federal student loans

I have helped people eliminate $50,000, $90,000, $140,000 with student loan

forgiveness and I just want to make sure that many more people get in position to

receive student loan forgiveness and these masterclasses are going to help!

To learn more head to: the-money-attractor.teachable.com/p/student-loan-forgivenessmasterclass

If you have federal student loans one of these masterclasses will be for you!! Trust me

having student loans eliminated from your life can be a game changer!

Other ways to stay in the know when it comes to your finances!

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