Ja’Net Adams, Owner & CEO Of Debt Sucks University, shed light on “Financial Literacy: The Missing Key To Success For K–12, Higher Education, Corporate America, And Society As A Whole” at the Education 2.0 Conference. It was scheduled at the Mirage, Las Vegas, USA, on April 6th-8th, 2022.

Ja’Net as a speaker, shared how financial wellness is an issue for both students and educators. She highlighted that student hunger affects the focus of those individuals, lack of college preparation at schools, and teaching being a shrinking profession also worries the teachers who again deal with the financial crisis.

To overcome these issues, she suggests solutions like students-parent programming, which could be used as an opportunity to guide the students and the parents about the possible options, scholarship searching, and also share knowledge about the job opportunities to both the students and parents as finance is an issue in North Carolina.

In addition to this, to deal with the teacher’s financial crisis, she suggested conducting financial wellness workshops to introduce them to job perspectives and opportunities to become financially independent and robust. She even highlighted ways to be implemented in school boards to guide students about the opportunities that could save them from getting into student loan debts throughout their lives. She emphasizes how early training of the students can help them have a better future in the upcoming times.

Ja’Net also shared how after university, she got into financial debt of $50,000, which she cleared out in just two years. Having done that herself, she wrote books educating students about financial literacy. She is now an international speaker who has spoken on behalf of the White House and the Department of Education. She was featured on platforms like CNBC, BBC, Forbes, and many more.

Considering her tremendous contributions to creating awareness and opportunities among the students to add a lot of value to the education and learning sector, the Education 2.0 Conference felicitated her with the ‘Outstanding Leadership Award’ in its unique recognition program.

Every year, the selection committee gets various applications for this honorable recognition, all of which are evaluated based on the following five criteria-

● Leader’s Reputation

● Educational Background

● Professional Experience

● Creative Thinking

● Decisive Leadership

The selection committee measures the nominees’ ability to lead, their creative and logical thinking skills, decision-making abilities, and educational and professional background. Only after intensive evaluation and scrutinization of the nominees on the criteria mentioned above, a few of these leaders make it to the final recognition ceremony. Although it’s a time taking process for the committee but it’s all worth it when selecting outstanding global leaders. It’s also a matter of pride for the awardees to get recognized before the leading educators, EdTech startups, educational institutions, researchers, and many more educational professionals.

When asked Ja’Net about her experience and feelings after receiving the global recognition, she shared, “I really enjoyed winning this award as it was in education, and that is my passion to be able to help young people, especially college students. I received a leadership award in education because of my financial literacy work, and that was special. I really enjoyed it, interesting presentations, good panels, looking for a lot of things around educational policies, and learning from other people in the industry.”

Education 2.0 Conference unites educators and educational institutions under one roof. It provides a platform for educational thought leaders to exchange thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on the pressing problems of the education and learning sector and brainstorm together to find innovative solutions. This educational event also offers engaging and intellectual speaker sessions, live Q/A sessions, fireside chats, and panel discussions to expand their knowledge. Also, one can network and collaborate with other like-minded educational enthusiasts and institutes.

In the upcoming Winter Edition, Education 2.0 Conference aims to highlight the disruptive innovations and technologies adopted by the educational and learning sector. One can expand their spectrum of knowledge by learning about critical educational topics such as experiential learning, EdTech, the importance of soft skills training, developments in STEM curriculum, inclusive teaching, student-loan fraud, scholarship scams, and many other informative topics.

This educational forum also offers a platform for growing startups or institutes to present their ideas and ask for sponsorship or collaboration on a global stage.

Other ways to stay in the know when it comes to your finances!

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