Vaccine mandates at first were far and in between, but now that the Pfizer vaccine received full approval the mandates are starting to grow. In every industry mandates are being announced and although it is about improving the health of this country it is also about money. I want to share a few examples and also financial decisions that some people may have to make going forward.


Before the full FDA approval New York and California had already mandated that all educators be vaccinated. With full approval other school systems are starting to announce their own mandates and the largest teacher’s union in the country is in full support.

Virtual school was expensive last year with the Chromebooks and other support needed for students to help them succeed. That cost is a big reason that school systems are trying to decrease the threats of outbreaks. In addition to k-12 colleges are mandating vaccines for students and if students don’t do it they are being un-enrolled.


Companies have been a lot more aggressive when it comes to the mandates. Mainly because they lost billions of dollars in 2020. Full vaccine mandates have been announced at Goldman Sachs, United, CVS Health, Chevron, and many more. Other companies are giving choices to their employees.

Delta is giving employees the choice to be vaccinated or pay an extra $200 a month in insurance premiums. Delta’s new guidelines could be based on the average COVID hospitalization bill of their employees last year which was $50,000 a person! As companies head back to the office more will require vaccinations so this is just the beginning.

Individual Decisions:

One thing that I did not mention about the mandates for education and corporations is that if you don’t adhere to the mandate you will be fired. Because of this, unvaccinated individuals have some financial decisions to make. If you decide to stay unvaccinated you have to ask yourself can “I afford to get fired?”

More than likely you will not qualify for unemployment so you need to make sure you have a year’s worth of expenses saved before being removed from your job. Also some insurance companies have decided to start making unvaccinated individuals pay for part of their hospitalization stays if you are there because of COVID. That cost alone will be massive for most households. These are just a couple of financial decisions you will have to make if you are unvaccinated.

As you can see this is still a major healthcare crisis, but it is also a major financial crisis. The financial crisis behind the pandemic is causing many industries to take the steps needed to protect their bottom line.

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