The vaccine is here and optimism is rising that people will be able to start traveling freely once again. The world of travel has changed over the last year so it is very important to know what your options are so that you can have an enjoyable trip!

Airlines Have Different Rules:

Not all airlines are created the same. Yes they are all taking the necessary steps to keep us safe, but there are other differences. For example Delta is the only airline that has been blocking middle seats this year. Delta and United are the only major airlines without a change fee for basic fare flights meaning you can change it for free even after 24 hours. These changes have been because of the pandemic and can change anytime so make sure you stay aware.

Make Sure You Can Go And Get Back:

No longer can you just get your passport and hop country to country. Travel has changed and if you don’t know the rules you will waste a lot of your money. Many countries are not open to Americans and probably will not be until 2022. Numerous countries also want you to have a negative COVID test in 72 hours or less before boarding a plane. Lastly, the United States has put in place that you must have a negative COVID test to get back in the country. Please make sure you know all of the travel rules before spending any money.

You Actually Need A Plan:

None of these rule changes mean anything if you don’t have any money to travel. You used to be able to just save up money for a flight and hotel room and go on vacation. There is much more planning involved now if you want to have a stressed free trip. Make sure you save money for COVID tests to get in and out of the country. Now more than ever you need to pay for travel insurance as well as protective gear. All of this is extra costs that you didn’t have before so make sure you financially plan for it.

Travel looks a lot different now, but with the right amount of planning you could be enjoying time away from home any day now!

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