Money or lack of it knows no color. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. understood that. He understood that while only African Americans suffered at the policies of Jim Crow, every race suffered under the economic injustice in the country. Not many people talk about Dr. King’s fight for economic equality and rightfully so. You couldn’t be killed for being poor so his work on racial equality should be held in the highest light.

His fight for economic equality touched every community and showed that strengthening the pockets of the nation’s poor would strengthen the economy of the nation. He fought for fair wages and improved working conditions. He understood that if a man worked long hours to provide for his family he should make enough money not to depend on government assistance. Fast forward to today now there are men and women working long hours or two and three jobs just to take care of themselves or their families. Although they work extremely hard they don’t earn enough to decline assistance from the government.

As this fight was just ramping up when Dr. King was murdered I am sure he would have shown those in Washington when his march for economic justice arrived there that they were going about it all wrong. He would have showed them that if you pay people a living wage that it will help the national debt go down because less people will need the assistance of the government. A living wage means that people will have disposable income to spend more money and as a result uplift the economy.

Maybe they will use their money to buy healthy foods and as a result a healthier population with less missed workdays. Less absences means more productivity and profits for companies. More profits for companies means more taxes to the government. And guess what? That also helps bring down the national debt or at least produce more money for infrastructure.

I am sure Dr. King would have pointed out all of these advantages and even more, but unfortunately that fight was cut short. His fight continues, but through others who understand a day shall come that everyone can be in a position to build generational wealth.

Thank you Dr. King for lighting the fire……….

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