I am not on stages speaking right now thanks to the pandemic, but I am still doing online Financial Literacy workshops.

When I am on stages I am usually either speaking to students or I am talking to employees at a company. Rarely am I speaking to both young people and adults at the same time.


This pandemic has created an opportunity to not only speak to students during my online financial literacy workshops, but also their parents/ guardians as well.

If you are someone who works with students whether it is middle school, high school, or college please understand that this pandemic more than likely is taking a heavy financial toll on entire households.

At the time of this writing there are 36 MILLION people unemployed. What are the odds that a student you know, doesn’t have someone unemployed in their home?

I keep that in mind when I am doing these online workshops. Although I do not know their personal situations I am going to make sure no matter what, that the household is on a better foundation financially after this pandemic ends.

I don’t know how many times during my nine years of speaking have I had someone come up to me after and say “I wish I knew this when I was younger!”

They make this statement because the adults in households for decades have always dealt with the money and kept the kids out of it.

Unfortunately today with this global pandemic that is not an option.

Everyone in the household has to pull their weight to get through the financial stress that is upon millions of families in this country alone.

If you have a child and are reading this then it is time to let your children help you.

How can they help?

Elementary Age:

You are probably thinking how can an eight year old help me with the finances of the house?

An eight year old can help by making sure that the lights not being used are turned off. They can turn the water off while brushing their teeth. They can even help write the grocery list and make sure you stick to it.

Middle School Age:

A middle school student is mature enough to set their own financial goals and also contribute to the financial goal setting of the household.

They also can start bringing in scholarships for college in middle school and this is the perfect time to apply for scholarships because they are spending most of their time at home.

Last, but not least they can show you how to decrease your bills. Students of all ages are extremely talented when it comes to technology. They are up to date and that knowledge can save you money.

For example there is really no reason to have cable these days especially if you are looking to save money. That seventh grader that is living with you can walk you through cancelling your cable, buying a fire stick on Amazon, and downloading the Sling App.

This one action alone can save the household over $100 a month!

High School Age:

A high school student can help you the most when it comes to the finances. It is not about getting a job, but more about being a partner in the process.

If there are smaller siblings they can help by getting the little ones on board with cost cutting measures. Helping them understand that there may not be a trip to the beach this year. There may not be a back to school clothes shopping trip in August. The siblings look up to their older brother or sister and will get in line quickly behind them.

High school students should also be applying for college scholarships, but it should be in overdrive. I tell students applying for scholarships is your part time job because if you spend three hours applying to scholarships and bring in $5,000 what other job you know where you can work three hours as a tenth grader and make $5K?

9th through 12th graders are also in a position to make money from their phones. Those who hear me on stage or through an online webinar get access to apps that can bring them $5 here, $20 there. They are able to use that money for themselves and not have to ask their parent / guardian for money.

I have spoken on stages in front of 80,000 students throughout the years and I promise you they are your best ally during this economic crisis.

Let them help you.

Let them contribute.

If you do, your family will come out stronger financially when this is all over.

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