How To Get A Promotion

We have now entered Women’s History Month, in fact this Friday is International Women’s Day! Women this is the perfect month to focus on you. One area to definitely focus on is your money. I want to share what you need to do when you run into any of the following life events.

New Job

Before you go into an interview you have to do your research. Research on the salary of the position. If you go into an interview unprepared to negotiate your salary you are going to lose! Before any interview make sure you go to sites like and research the salary of the job you are applying for so that when it is time to get paid you get paid your full amount.

Promotions and Raises

If you feel that you did not do the best job getting the right salary when you were hired then your annual reviews is where you make up your ground. In order to get a promotion or a raise you have to show proof. Proof of the work you did that brought more money in for the company. When you do that it makes it easier to demand your worth. Also stop taking “name only” promotions that give you more responsibilities, but not more money!

Invest In You

You work hard for your money so please make sure that your money is working hard for you! No one wants to work for the rest of their life so the best way to avoid that is make sure your money is growing. Two ways to do that is to get out of debt so that your money is growing in your bank account and not someone else’s. Also meet with a trusted financial advisor and invest your money so that it can multiply.

Ladies, it is up to you and only you when it comes to your money!

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