It is Women’s History Month and this is usually the month that we talk about how women can be recognized more and uplifted. I deal with personal finance so I am focused on women reaching financial independence. Helping women make good money, spend less, and save more! I want to look at three areas that women can focus on this month that will put them in a better financial position by April!

The Workplace:

Find out the salary range of your position. If you are not making top money then it is time to find out how you can make that happen.⁣ Schedule a time with your manager to discuss what needs to be done to get a raise or promotion and then get to work! If your manager gives you the roadmap and you follow that roadmap there is no reason that the end result is not you receiving more money.

Your Life:

Do you have life insurance? Do you have adequate health insurance? Do you owe anyone money? Are you investing in your future? These are questions that you need to answer this month. Having a handle on where all of your money is going is very important, but so is making sure you have the right coverage in place just in case an emergency happens.

So many people have to file bankruptcy over medical bills. People lose their entire house because they did not have flood insurance. You have to be protected on all sides and that protection is going keep your money from leaving. ⁣ The Home:

If someone else is handling the money in your household this month is the month you find out what every account is, usernames, passwords. ⁣So many women are lost when a loved one dies because they never knew what was going on with the finances. Don’t be that woman. Also if you handle the money in your household and you don’t live alone make sure everyone else knows the information just in case something happens to you. ⁣ Ladies, this is the month to get control of your financial journey because no one is going to care more about your money than you!⁣

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